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Great Experience with Jay Weisbrod at Fairway Independent Mortgage. My wife and I just finished our refinancing with Jay Weisbrod and we could not be happier. Jay and his team at Fairway are outstanding: they listened to our needs and put together the best refinance for us. Jay is professional, attentive to detail and extremely knowledgeable. He is very polished and he works hard to understand the needs of his clients. The process was thorough and very punctual. Jay and his team provided the highest levels of customer service and made our refinance very easy. Jay is also very personable and easy to work with. We highly recommend Jay and his team for their impeccable service and professionalism. If you are looking to refinance, Jay is the person to use.
– David F.

Ringing the Bells at Bluebell. Bluebell is what we just named our first home. You’ll see it printed on our doormat when you enter the front door. We are a blended family with three co-buyers. That’s three times the normal amount of personalities, questions, concerns, and requests that we hurled upon Jay Weisbrod in every conference call regarding our loan. And, you know what? He handled it like a champion. He was deeply involved in the details and guided us to solutions we never even thought of or considered. Jay came recommended to us, and we are so glad that we had him on our team. We got our house keys yesterday and are ringing the bells! Thank you Jay for the great experience and for closing on time.
– Bryan P.

He Doesn’t Sleep. Jay was referred to us by our previous realtor when we first start searching for our home. This being our first home purchase, we were totally sure what to expect. Jay spent a significant amount of time helping my wife and I understand the process and preparing us for the marathon that was to come. Throughout the whole buying process Jay was available at all hours, which for an obsessive East Coast OCD project manager, made the whole process much easier. I was very intent on moving as fast as possible to close and Jay made it happen. He is extremely personable and takes great pride in building an actual relationship rather than handling a transaction. I’d whole heartedly recommend him for anyone looking for loan.
– Jared A.

Industry expert / best rates. From the moment we were introduced to Jay by our realtor, we knew we were in good hands. Jay is an extremely knowledgeable industry expert and a valuable asset to have in your corner. Here are my reasons why:
1) Service – Jay was always there to answer our questions, and I love that he responds to text messages. What I felt was invaluable and ultimately helped us win our offer was that Jay called the listing agent on our behalf to put in a good word and vouch for our financial stability and commitment to close the deal.
2) Knowledge – From our many phone conversations with him, it was obvious that he a wide breadth and depth of market knowledge. He took the time to walk us through total expected costs under many different scenarios (different rates, 15yr vs 30yr, 20 – 30% down, points and no points, etc)
3) Rates – We can say with confidence that we got the absolute best rate in the market. Jay follows the interest rate market very closely. He would send us his technical analysis chart of long and short term moving averages so that we were aware of the state of rates as we made our offers and when we locked in.
Thank you, Jay, for going above and beyond to help us buy our first home!
– Maria and Jason F.

Outstanding partner/advocate. Jay has helped me with a couple loans over the past 5 years, the most recent being a few months back. He is extremely competent on both the process and the product available (ARM vs fixed, term length and fees). He listens to you and will match your needs/goals with the right product/loan structure. Jay is a valuable advocate for you in the process; he acts in your best interest and with a sense of urgency (prompt and appropriate responses). He understands what’s important in the process and how to get his clients through the process with minimum distractions/frustration. He is outstanding at what he does. You are more than a transaction to Jay. I recently had my daughter and son-in-law utilize Jay’s services on their first home purchase. Jay expertly and patiently guided them through the pre-qualification process and the final approval process, making recommendations throughout the process. He even worked with their real estate agent to present the best package to the seller to help them win the sale. He was a true partner to them in their home purchase and financing. We could not have been more satisfied with Jay’s level of service.
– Mike L.

Great first home-buying experience. I was referred to Jay from my real estate agent and felt very comfortable working with Jay from the start. Outside of Jay being very good and diligent at his job, I appreciated his transparency and availability. Home-buying in the bay area is very competitive and timing is always unpredictable. However, Jay’s availability made the process that much smoother. I could contact him over the weekend and expect to hear back within the hour. I ended up bidding on 3 properties (first 2 were unsuccessful but we were always at the top of the list) and Jay largely contributed to a successful close. I would highly recommend any home-buyer to work with Jay!
– Wilson T.

Very professional, helpful, and thorough. We were referred to Jay by our realtor and he quickly gained and our trust and confidence. Although we weren’t successful in our initial attempts at finding our new home in California, Jay worked with and expertly guided us until we succeeded. He was very thorough in his explanations and transparent as he laid out various scenarios. It was easy to contact him and we always felt that he had our best interest in mind. The whole process went smoothly thanks to Jay’s hard work and expertise. I highly recommend him!
– Ben and Lea T.

Knowledgeable, available, professional, so helpful! We could not have asked for more from Jay as our lender! Throughout the entire mortgage process from research to closing, Jay was able to promptly answer all of our questions in terms we could understand, used data visualization tools to help us understand what our payment would look like based on our choices, and closely monitored the market to make sure we got the best interest rates available. Jay was always quick to get back to us, was clear about what paperwork was needed from us. I appreciated that he takes a holistic approach to your mortgage; looking at our finances overall and explaining how general market changes can affect the housing market. As someone with no financial experience, this extra effort made me feel much more confident in our decisions. Due in part to Jay’s organization to make sure all needed papers were submitted ahead of time, we were even able to close earlier than originally anticipated! I would absolutely recommend Jay to anyone looking for a lender.
– Jillian B.

Sealed the deal. I am a first time home buyer having been referred to Jay by a friend. I can honestly say it is unlikely that I would have gotten my new home if it was not for him. He is an excellent communicator, competent, resourceful and can look at data in a different way. He held my hand walking me through a stressful time in way I could not have imagined and a far cry from other mortgage brokers I got to meet along the way. You need to have no fears.
– Sonja K.

Wonderful and Easy Home buying experience. Jay was amazing person on the job that he does. I’ve had long troubles with other lenders, yes! of course everyone enters the same way with sweet words but end up doing nothing. His approach was unique and presentation was simply superb!!!!! He would understand your needs and keep straight to the point. He wouldn’t expose all the troubles during the loan process that every lender go through, all you see everything realistic. He is very task oriented person; he got me updates on every day on every milestones that I met. Me and my wife were delighted, since we were able to meet our target date for the housewarming. I can keep writing good about him!!! 🙂 I’m excited while I write this review for him, I would highly recommend him for any home loan process, he is very good adviser too.
– Mohan V.